Thursday, February 19, 2009

Best Dressed:Fashion Week!

Whitney Port was amongst one of the best dressed women that has made an appearance at this year's Fashion Week. Whitney Port has appeared on The Hills and now has her own reality show called The City. We question of whether of not this 23-year old gem has had breast augmentation remains. As we know, if she has had implants, she would not be the first girl we've seen from The Hills to have gone under the knife (Spidey!). MakeMeHeal reported that Dr. John Di Saia said, “They look too small to be implanted.” And our very own Dr. Walden told MakeMeHeal, "“It doesn’t appear as though Whitney Port has had any sort of breast implant surgery as she appears to have a very natural look to her breasts with little upper pole fullness, and a bit of glandular ptosis, which just means they fall naturally.” It seems now as though there are only two girls from The Hills who have not gone under the knife to get breast augmentation: Whitney and Lauren. We look forward to seeing Whitney Port in her successful career in The City!

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  1. I'm not a fan of these silly "reality" shows with these young girls and there drama. However, I can admire Port for being able to dress well. I doubt she's had BrAugmentation myself, but who knows