Friday, January 30, 2009

What is on your body "wish list"???

If you could hand pick from a pool of celebrity facial and body features to create that dream body what would you choose? I took a minute to think about what I would do and the choices are endless! So, to make it easier for you Famed Plastic Surgeons have come up with a "short list" of Hollywood's Hottest Looks of 2009. I will say, some of the selection seemed like a no-brainer, but there are a few choices that will surprise you. One such surprise is that international supermodel Giselle was dethroned as the most sought after body and replaced by Jennifer Anniston. I actually found this very refreshing that women are going for a more attainable "girl next door" look rather than the supermodel! Yes, Giselle we are all still jealous! :) Also, topping the list is Angelina Jolie's perfect pout with Anne Hathaway and Rosario Dawson pulling a close second and third.

The authors of the list say the criteria for being chosen is quite simple. The selection seems to follow who is in the limelight at the moment. As the hollywood elite show up on glossy magazine covers and on the silver screen their stock shoots through the roof. Oh, and don't worry fellas there are choices on the list for you too!!

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