Friday, January 9, 2009

Playboy's Perfection

Ukrainian beauty Dasha Astafieva was named “Playmate of the Month” for the 55th Anniversary edition of Playboy. This beauty says shes all natural but by the looks of it we may think differently. Don't get us wrong, we think she is absolutely stunning but feel as if it didn't all come from her mother.

According to they say that: "Although unusual for a Playboy, the brunette’s large D-cup breasts are rumored to be her own and not the result of a breast augmentation, although with her thin frame, implants are more likely. The model was formerly part of a girl group NikitA before she made it stateside.

The pert, perfect shape of Dasha’s nose is suggestive of a rhinoplasty, while her full lips and cheeks could be from some dermal fillers.Most notably, although the 23-year old is young to have wrinkles, the complete lack of them, even when she smiles, could be the result of Botox injections, while her smooth and shiny complexion is the likely result of laser treatments."

We don't know that the average 23 year old needs all of this, but cheers to Hefner's first brunette girlfriend! Happy Birthday Playboy!


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  2. That article is so idiotic! They could take any beautiful woman (beautiful understood as really above the average) and conclude that she must have had plastic surgery because she doesn't look like an average woman... Maybe that's why she went into modeling? I don't know where the authors of this sh*t came from but where I live there are women who look like her since their childhood... Just lucky to have nice features in their genetics. And by the way, what is it all about, I mean, what difference does it really make if she's natural or after surgery - that's the way she looks now and that's who she is by today. If I see a sexy woman I don't wonder if she had 10 surgeries or none - I just say: 'wow, she's hot!' :) Really, there are better things to write articles about... Say, you could write an article about how to contact her ;)