Friday, January 23, 2009

Just another day at "The Office"

Jenna Fischer, one of Hollywoods sweethearts, graces the February 2009 cover of Self magazine. Yes, it is extremely hard to tell, but this is the very same actress that we see week to week on NBC's acclaimed comedy "The Office." As the cover declares, Jenna has given her body a healthy-life makeover. She looks lean and toned and has that "healthy" glow about her. The only problem is that she has been "photoshopped" almost to the point that she is unrecognizable. When the magazine arrived in my mailbox I had to give it a double take because I couldn't figure out who this person was on the cover.

So many times these overzealous magazine retouchers spark whirlwind cosmetic surgery rumors. I have to admit the first thing I thought was, "What plastic surgery has she had done to make herself look so different?" From first glance it seems obvious that the actress has had porcelain veneers put on her teeth as well as some possible facial injections. By the look of her small and tone waist, she might have been a good candidate for liposuction. The credit might be due to the hands of an artful plastic surgeon or the results came with the click of a mouse. Either way we think Ms. Fischer looks fabulous and give her two big thumbs up!

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