Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jodie Marsh Overdone

Jodie Marsh is a British Glamour Model, who has gone a little overboard on her "work". Marsh recently turned 30 a couple of weeks ago, however, she certainly doesn't dress her age. Marsh is known for her stripper-like fashion sense and string of relationships. Jodie Marsh has clearly had breast augmentation and lip fillers, with a possibility of work done to her cheeks. However, I think most can agree that her implant size is far to large for her body, as most people like to comment, "Her implants are bigger than her head." Jodie's 32GG size breasts have definitely attracted some attention. According to, it also appears that Jodie may have had a nose job in the past, supposedly needed after a hockey accident when she was a child. Dr. Walden reported to MakeMeHeal, "“Jodie Marsh looks overdone.. from her breasts, to her nose, eyes, forehead, brow, and lips. It seems obvious that she has had a breast augmentation with oversized implants, a rhinoplasty that skeletonized her nose, Botox and/or browlift, and lip soft tissue fillers. Good plastic surgery is not intended nor carried out to look this over the top.” I agree and think that Jodie Marsh is trying too hard to enhance her appearance and looks like a cartoon version of Pamela Anderson, with her platinum blonde hair and oversized implants. Now, who knew there would ever be a celeb who would make Pamela appear prim and proper?

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