Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Botox Boom before Obama's Inauguration

During the last few weeks it seems as though Botox bottles have been popped open as much as champagne in preparation for the historic Obama Inauguration and festivities in Washington, D.C. According to USA today, "Washington, D.C.-area cosmetic dermatologists, and skin experts in other major cities, say despite the sagging economy, requests for quickie cosmetic fixes, such as Botox and microdermabrasion, have picked up during the last few weeks as people pretty-up for inaugural fetes." USA today also spoke with a Washington, D.C. cosmetic dermatologist Tina Alster who said, ""We have been absolutely swamped since the election with people desiring rejuvenation procedures for the upcoming inauguration."

Clearly, stars such as Sheryl Crow and Jamie Fox need to look their very best for such a historical event and look like they may have gotten Botox treatments (sshh!). Jamie Fox's forehead appears relatively immobile as he makes face for the camera on HBO's We Are One Inaugural Special (see video). Sheryl Crow also shows off her fantastic wrinkle-free forehead, and a tad bit lower brow than we are used to seeing (a telltale sign). Her forehead remains crinkle-free as she smiles, suggesting she may get Botox injections in her forehead and glabellar muscles. Besides the Inauguration taking place today there are 10 official galas and dozens of attendant parties and events, many that are being thrown by celebrities themselves. Despite the recession, it seems that cosmetic procedures are getting back in the game as people try to look their best for such events!


  1. It is interesting to see that someone is caring how they look and have the ability to keep themselves looking young. The fountain of youth has gone from the knife to the needle.

  2. You are right, and that is a trend we are seeing now in plastic surgery.

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