Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2009: Plastic Surgery Gets a Dose of Reality (television that is)

If you're a sucker for reality TV (like me), then VH1 is the channel to watch in January. With the premier of shows like Charm School Reunion Show, I Love Money 2, Rock of Love Bus, and Celebrity Rehab's Sober House, what's not to love? It isn't just the cat fights and love triangles that keep me glued; some of VH1's reality stars may have gone under the knife and keep me guessing.

Speaking of cat fights, Megan Hauserman from Rock of Love 2, I Love Money and Rock of Love Charm School is allegedly manipulative enough to provoke the Prince of Darkness' wife, Sharon Osbourne, into having a fight on national television. We'll have to wait and see on the (you guessed it) Rock of Love Charm School Reunion Show set to air in the beginning of January. (Read full story here). What's next--Rock of Love: The Golden Years? (Believe me, I would probably get hooked on that show too!) Megan Hauserman is not only the Rock of Love villain, and a Playboy model, but may also be the proud owner of breast implants (though nothing can be confirmed). Keep your eye on the blonde bombshell, as rumors report that casting has begun for Megan's looking-for-love reality show Trophy Wife.

You may have seen her on Real Chance of Love, and you will see her again in January on I Love Money 2. California-based make-up artist Chrstine, better known as Cali, may have undergone plastic surgery. It appears as though she may have had a breast augmentation and may have had a dermal filler like Juvederm injected into her lips to give them a fuller appearance. Look for her as Real Chance of Love wraps up next week and I Love Money 2 begins in January.

Poison front-man, Bret Michaels is looking for love yet again in Rock of Love Bus. Taking his show on the road isn't the only fresh twist--perhaps Mr. Michaels has undergone some cosmetic procedures. At forty-five years of age, Bret's face looks very firm and youthful. It could be the result of a great make-up artist and impeccable airbrushing but these features may indicate that Bret has had injectables like Juvederm or Restylane to fill lines, and may have had Botox injected into his crow's feet and glabella (space between the eyebrows) to keep him looking smooth. Good luck, Bret--hopefully this third time will be a charm.

You may know Mary Carey as the adult film star from Celebrity Rehab. Most know her as the adult film star that made headlines when she ran against Arnold Schwarzenegger in the race to become the governor of California. Though the Governator won California over, Mary Carey continues to make headlines as she puts her recently removed breast implants, up for auction on Ebay. According to Reuters she plans on donating 90% of the proceeds to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Catch her January 15, 2009 in Celebrity Rehab's Sober House.

Have a fantastic New Year and enjoy the shows!!

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