Friday, December 12, 2008

Lisa Rinna Confesses

Lisa Rinna has recently admitted to overdoing it a tad bit. This "Dancing with the Stars" alum has gained street cred from the media having confessed to not liking the outcome of a popular filler, Juvederm, after having it injected into her cheeks.  “My coming out and saying that I’d done too much in my cheeks — everybody came up to me and was really supportive and said, ‘good for you for being honest.’” Lisa told OK! “What happens is when you get older, you feel like you need it but you don’t really need it,” Lisa sighed.

Lisa along with many other stars are under constant scrutiny and pressure to compete with younger, beautiful starlets, so it's hard for them not to turn to cosmetic procedures (but those younger starlets will get older too.. just wait!).   She has likely had other work done as well such as a breast augmentation and Botox to help her with her fine lines. Most of all, whatever diet and exercise regimen she's on is working; her body is amazing!

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