Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Did Demi Moore Spend 3 Mil on Plastic Surgery?

Ms. Demi Moore (44) is rumored to have had 3 million dollars worth of surgery.  According to Make Me Heal, it is speculated that she has had various procedures such as liposuction, breast augmentation, revisional breast augmentation and lift, a brow lift, collagen fillers, Botox, a chemical peel, and veneers.  Our take on the situation is that it would be difficult to spend $3 million on plastic surgery, even if you lived in a place where surgery fees are set a bit higher than other areas of the country like Manhattan or LA.  Surgery fees are set by surgeons and are usually based upon averages for a geographic region; given the spirit of economics and competition, not any one surgeon can charge an outrageously higher amount than what his or her competitors are charging for similar procedures using similar techniques; no one would go to him! Also, to spend $3 million on cosmetic surgery you would be having to get an operation almost every month, year after year after year...it's just not humanly possible.

Along with her cosmetic upkeep she is said to have a nutritionist, personal trainer, yoga instructor and kick-boxing champion. If you look at her pictures as a teen and young adult, her well- defined facial features have not changed much.

She is a good example how  a few  select cosmetic procedures and a healthy lifestyle can make you look younger and not like the cat lady!  She is very beautiful and whatever she decides to do for maintenance is definitely working for her.....she married Ashton Kutcher, a wild boy 16 years her junior!

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