Monday, December 22, 2008

Brooke Burke's Secret to a Flat Stomach After Childbirth

Brooke Burke - she is the proud mother of four children, Dancing With the Stars champion, ex-wife of Beverly Hills plastic surgery and confident woman who bears her flat stomach after childbirth. Could it be genetics? plastic surgery? Baboosh baby? Luck? A great trainer?

It doesn't appear that she has undergone a tummy tuck, but she sure does look amazing for having 4 kids!

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  1. Really nice blog.A stomach that sticks out and creates a “pouch” can make clothes fit incorrectly, can make you feel self-conscious, and can even interfere with some activities. Despite popular belief, a larger stomach is not always the result of poor diet and lack of exercise. In some cases, slim people with very healthy lifestyles are unable to lose the stubborn “tire” or pouch in the middle of their stomachs