Thursday, December 11, 2008

Brittany Murphy's (possible?) Plastic Surgery

Brittany Murphy, 31, has been rumored to have had a few plastic surgery procedures during her time in the spotlight. Some people believe that Brittany may have had breast augmentation during her career, as some pictures do show a rounder, more filled out chest on Brittany, however, this could just be the result of a REALLY good bra.(Source:starsplasticsurgery). It is also rumored that Brittany has had lip augmentation due to various pictures showing her having plumper lips than ever before, with a noticebly more filled out and prominent vermillion border (the linear border of the upper lip). Recently, pictures of Brittany Murphy allow us to believe that she may have had a rhinoplasty. Although Brittany never had a prominent dorsal bump or large nose, her nose appears to be narrower in the mid-vault (the middle third) than it used to be. As stated, “Brittany’s nose appears to have slimmed down on both sides. The bridge of Brittany’s nose appears straighter and more defined."

Yes indeed, Brittany's appearance has changed from her younger cherubic self into a beautiful woman-- we don't think she needs anymore!

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  1. So Brittany Murphy had a little plastic surgery done (rhinoplasty, lip augmentation, porcelain veneers and breast implants) Who cares? She was still the most beautiful person, from the inside and out. God bless her soul.