Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jessica Simpson's Lip Inflation

With the release of her country album, Jessica Simpson, 28, looks like she has gotten a little lip boost. Back in 2007 she admitted to trying Restylane to try to get a fuller pout, and according to MakeMeHeal.com it looks like she has again experimented with fillers. Although she has not confirmed getting fillers again, recent pictures look like she may have gotten some injected into both her upper and lower lips. The picture to the right is of Simpson taken back in 2000 for InStyle magazine. Ladies and gentlemen, I do not think this is all the result of plumping lipstick and lipgloss! If it is Restlyane or Juvederm, both hyaluronic acid fillers which are non-permanent and made from a naturally derived material found in the body, you will probably just see it fade over time just like the last time she did it. Most lip fillers like these get resorbed by the body over a period of 4 to 6 months after they are injected.

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