Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ivanka and A Little Work?... You're Hired!

The Donald's daughter, Ivanka Trump , 27, attended the New York Public Library (NYPL)'s Library Lions and Young Lions Gala in Manhattan on Monday night. The one-time model and do-gooder is rumored by Make Me Heal to have had various surgical procedures done over the past couple of years. It is rumored she's had two rhinoplasties performed to fix a wide and uneven bridge, along with a chin augmentation to balance out her face. Pictures of her in her modeling days appear quite different from her recent ones; her nose is somewhat slimmer and more refined.

It's also rumored that she's had a breast augmentation, going from an A-cup to a C-cup; if that is indeed the case it has been done very naturally. It may be that her breast augmentation was done partially under the pectoralis muscle, because there is no outline of her implant even though she likely had little breast tissue to begin with. We like Ivanka and think she's an incredibly savvy businesswoman, beautiful, and seems down-to-earth despite her mega-status! 

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