Friday, November 14, 2008

Plastic Bunny

Traci Bingham is a former playboy bunny and Baywatch ‘actress’, who has also become a staple on the reality tv circuit. Baywatch, if you didn't already know, was that great show that consisted of beautiful women running around the sunny beaches of California saving people in skimpy red bathing suits. states, "It’s easy to see why Traci has been unable to find steady acting work once Baywatch ended. After all of the plastic surgery she has had done, she looks like every other wannabe model in Los Angeles. Girls that look like that are a dime a dozen in Hollywood." (ouch!)

Although they didn't have the nicest things to say about this former playboy bunny, who are we to judge? Perhaps she has had a little too much filler injected into her lips, causing a swollen and unnatural look, as well as opting for implants too large for her body frame.. To each their own I suppose. That California look isn't for everyone, I guess.

At least her nose job looks modest and nicely done!! Have a good weekend everyone!

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