Thursday, November 13, 2008

Olsen Twins and Matching Plastic Surgery

Last year, the Olsen twins decided to getting matching rhinoplasties. Supposedly, Ashley had wanted her nose to be smaller in size and contour and Mary Kate adored the idea and felt the need to get a rhinoplasty along with her sister. As you can see from various pictures before and after, the twins’ noses went from large and round to sleek and slim.
Mary-Kate has also been rumored to have had lip soft tissue filler injections and Botox. Those high cheekbones sometimes make me wonder about cheek implants as well, but I think that's less likely!

Recently, rumors have been circulating that the twins have entertained the idea of possibly getting breast implants. Apparently, Ashley brought up the idea of breast augmentation to add some curves to her petite body. According to, Ashley wants Mary-Kate to get breast implants as well so that the twins can play off more easily that have just filled out over the years. However, it has been reported that Mary-Kate is against getting breast augmentation, forcing Ashley to reconsider the idea. Dr. John Di Sala told Makemeheal, “Twins (even not so famous ones) do have some unusual issues. The debate over cosmetic surgery can take a very funky turn in cases like these. One twin may not have surgery unless the other does as well.”

In dealing with growing up in the public eye, eating disorders, and the inherent pressures of Hollywood, I hope plastic surgery does not become an addiction. Many young girls including myself have watched them grow up on TV and see them as role models so I hope they don't go overboard. I hope the girls continue to succeed and wish them well on their upcoming book and future success!


  1. I do see a difference in their noses, but something people don't mention is that there's also a huge difference in their eyes. Look at the size of their eyes, they look gigantic now. Just look at the white area in the eyes and see how much bigger they are. They didn't just get a nose job. They got a whole bunch of things, and the eyes was obviously one of them. I'm just uncertain as to what kind of surgery that could be. Eyelid surgery? Not sure if that would have the effect of making the eyes so big.

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