Friday, November 28, 2008

Mumbai is Beautiful

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Mumbai, India as they deal with this tragic attack on their city and country. The Indian people are known for their peaceful nature and overall welcoming culture. I traveled there in January 2008 as an invited lecturer and visiting surgeon for the Third International Tutorials in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. At the hospital where I operated and at the symposium found the Indian medical staff to be very generous and kind; I learned from them as much as they learned from their visitors from around the world.

These acts of terrorism waged against India and the Westerners visiting there underscore a complicated global problem that does not differentiate between race, creed, religion, or peacefulness of culture, and strives to destroy the things we value most: democracy, peace, freedom of speech, thought and capitalism. The attackers have no respect for human life. Everyone in the world needs to stand up against this form of evil, including we New Yorkers who experienced it firsthand with 9/11 and did not take it sitting down.

Pictured above is the sign on the entry into the Bombay Hospital in Mumbai (with a quote by spiritual leader of non-violence, Mahatma Gandhi ) where I had the privilege of performing surgery, and myself in the operating room with one of the Sisters (the Indian term for nurse). Please go to the website Mumbai Help for more information on how to help these wonderful people.


  1. Dr. Walden, I am sorry this has nothing to do with the topic at hand, I just wanted to let you know something that I found surprising (and disappointing). I called your office to make an appointment in order to obtain your professional opinion over an existing scar. I was told you don't do scar revisions - which I respect, of course - but when I explained that an opinion was all I was looking for, because I trusted your expertise, I was told that you don't do referrals either. I once again stated that I was simply looking to gather your opinion on what could possibly be done about the scar, and I was not looking for a referral. But the person on the phone still denied me a consultation appointment.

  2. Dr. is sad about the tragedy in Mumbai. But as any major metro area around the world, the city will revive itself and stand tall.

    I am a plastic surgeon (fresh graduate & practicing only for just 5 months) in Michigan. I am planning to attend the 5th Annual Tutorials in Aesthetic Surgery in Mumbai in January 2010 (way off in the future I know). Are you going to be part of the faculty for 2010?


    R Jarial