Thursday, November 6, 2008

Jennifer Tilly, 50 & Fabulous!

Although Jennifer Tilly does appear to have a natural look about her, she is rumored to have breast augmentation. This 50-year-old actress is well known for her abundant somewhat gravity-defying breasts. Her breasts have been presumed to be real, however they have seem larger over the years. As you can see from various pictures, Jennifer does appear to have fuller breast and they do appear to have been lifted. Dr. Walden told, ““She looks as if she has had a breast augmentation in the past given the fact that her breasts seem more voluminous in recent photos.” Jennifer has also been rumored to have received botox injections due to the lack of wrinkles, especially for a woman in her age group. Dr. Walden also told MakemeHeal, “She apparently has great genes (or a great plastic surgeon) since her face appears to look much more naturally youthful than the majority of women who are aged 50. She probably takes very good care of her skin without smoking or overexposure to the sun. If anything, her forehead looks so smooth that she may have had some Botox injections, but I think most of her look is attributable to very graceful aging.” Dr. Sherrell Aston also commented on Tilly’s facial appearance to makemeheal saying, “Jennifer Tilly looks great. However a very recent picture looks as if her quite heavy upper eyelids are less heavy and her neck and jawline looks tighter. Maybe it was just a great picture but I think there has been some work to help out.” Jennifer Tilly has reported in a joking manner that she owes her fabulous looks to plastic surgery, whether she owes her looks to plastic surgery or great genes, Jennifer Tilly looks absolutely amazing for her age!

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