Monday, November 17, 2008

Gossip Girl spills the beans again...

Gossip Girl's, Kelly Rutherford, unlike other stars, isn't afraid to admit that she's tried Botox. The beautiful, 39 year-old actress admitted to stating,"I think it's beautiful that people are sharing," said Rutherford, noting that women should be honest about everything from childbirth to beauty secrets. "We sit around at lunch and ask each other [questions], so why not say we had postpartum, giving birth is hell but the children are amazing – and I get Botox." She added, "I think there's a certain age that if you like having it, go for it."

She admits to trying Botox once before she got pregnant with her son Hermes, as for whether she plans on getting more Botox in the future, Rutherford said she's avoiding the needle for now. "I decided I wasn't going to do it all again until I've had two kids and finished nursing them. Then it's a free for all." Kelly Rutherford looks great! I cant believe she's only tried it 'once' but, whatever shes doing, she should keep it up!

Happy Birthday Dr.Walden!!

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