Sunday, November 9, 2008

Does the Republican Party Need a Facelift?

Well with the election over and a relatively young new face in Democratic President Elect Barack Obama proposing change for the country and inspiring folks, it is time to reflect...

Mary Matalin, famed American political strategist and conservative consultant, also has a fresh look. The GOP strategist was an assistant to President Bush and advisor to Vice President Dick Cheney until 2003. She is married to Democratic political consultant James Carville, and the power couple have since departed the Beltway and moved back to native New Orleans in Cajun Country. After watching on TV what seemed like a never-ending presidential campaign, it became apparent to me Matalin's face was looking rejuvenated and somewhat fuller than before. Photo credit:

Perhaps she may have undergone soft tissue filler or fat injections to help provide volume to her cheeks with the ever so possible help of a nicely done nip and tuck (eyelid lift and/or facelift). Hard to tell more as her hairstyle hides where any incisions would be placed. The more recent photo from 2008 on the right when Matalin was on "Meet the Press".

In any case, Matalin is sharp as a tack and her appearance reflects that. Now maybe the rest of the Republican party needs a facelift.


  1. She had something done alright... she looks pretty good now but she was on television soon after surgery and she looked like an alien. I liked the old Mary (circa 1980...) but Mary was a chain-smoker who aged herself considerably. When are people going to realize no amount of money and no amount of plastic butchery is going to undo what they do to age themselves? To be honest, I think 95% of ALL plastic cosmetic facial surgery looks ridiculous. Even if it looks OK in the short-term..give it a few years, it will look like hell.

  2. She is beautiful to me because I am one of
    those 'evil' conservatives. She gives good punditry.

  3. I think she just recently had more work done as I saw her tonight on tv reporting live from La. and she did look great! New hair-style, and her face looked full and younger, I would say cheek implants, botox and perhaps a full face lift.

  4. Too bad she still has a great big ugly growth - James Carville.