Sunday, October 19, 2008

Zac Efron...Not a Day over 21!

Zac Efron recently turned 21!! (Source: The high school musical hottie has matured in his appearance over the past decade. A recent story on shows how Zac has really grown into his facial features, but may have had the help of the scalpel blade as well. He looks like he has undergone a nicely done rhinoplasty precisely timed before the height of his career. 

In the photo you can tell that the bridge of his nose is slimmer with a bit more refinement and definition of the nasal tip.  The angle of his jaw and overall facial architecture is sharper as well, this just a result of passing through teenagehood.  He is one of those examples of a boy who looks so much better as a man.. (..and yes, no cougars found here!). Congratulations to Zac.

1 comment:

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