Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Past, Present & Future of Breast Implants

Dr Jennifer Walden discusses the future of breast implants, fat injections and soft tissue fillers in the breasts. Skin firming creams like Rodial and Mamma Mio Boob tube are also covered as well as external breast enhancing devices like Brava.

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This is taken from article that I wrote for that talks about the history of silicone and saline breast implants as well as the future of breast augmentation, including anatomic shaped highly cohesive gel implants that are yet to be approved by the FDA. As I mention, these implants are widely available in Europe and have high rates of patient satisfaction. These teardrop shaped (often called "gummy bear") implants are textured and contain a highly crosslinked form of silicone to minimize the possibility of migration as well as upper pole collapse and folds in the implant shell.  There are a matrix of different implants to choose from with varying width, height, and projection for the best patient fit, and are called Contour Profile Gel implants if by Mentor or Style 410 implants if made by Allergan Corporation.  One of the only potential drawbacks is that they are a bit firmer, and don't lateralize like normal breast tissue does when you lie down. (see the above  photos of Sarah with a style 410 implant on her chest on the left and a smooth round responsive gel implant on her chest on the right on the couch in our office). For more info click on the "read more" link above, and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow, what a great way to better understand the advances made with silicone implants. I appreciate the views that your model Sarah has provided. I am confident that you will know what implant suits my body the best when i come in.
    Look forward to meeting all of you in New York City! BTW, Did Sarah have a rhinoplasty surgery? Her profile is amazing!

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