Tuesday, October 28, 2008

From Dawson's Creek Girl-Next-Door to Broadway's New Fashionista

Recently Katie Holmes has gone from hanging out with Dawson to hanging out with Victoria Beckham in Paris! She's recently in New York starring in All My Sons. But Celebrity Plastic News not only reports that she has a new husband, a new daughter and a new wardrobe they speculate that she also has a new nose. She's always been very beautiful but by comparing picture s of her in the Dawson years and now you can see a major difference in her nose. She had a shorter rounded nose and tip and now it seems that she has a longer nose and a refined tip. These results can be accomplished through rhinoplasty in which the surgeon will refine the tip and osteotomy can be considered to narrow the width of the nose. But regardless of the procedures she has gotten done she has done it tastefully and the results speak for themselves.

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