Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Courntey Cox a Friend to Botox

The talented actress, mother and wife Courteney Cox-Arquette (44) recently was on the cover of the November issue of Marie Claire and confessed to using Botox. The Friends star described Botox as both fantastic and horrible, not because of the pain but because of her career, "I mean, I'm an actor. I've got to be able to move my face. When people start messing with their foreheads and can't lift their eyebrows, that's weird". Courteney has always been an advocate for plastic surgery and injectibles. In a 2004 Harper's Bazaar interview she's quoted as saying "... plastic surgery is good in moderation. A lot of people are overdoing Botox, but I think everything in moderation is fine. If it looks natural and it makes you feel better, do it". Although she opted for getting Botox , she says that her husband David Arquette loves the aging process and "...thinks it's beautiful".

It's refreshing to see how candid she is about her Botox use, but there's other cosmetic rumors she never confirmed according to Makemeheal.com. It's been speculated that she has had lip augmentation for her show Dirt which premiered in January 2008 on FX. Her upper lip does look a tad bit fuller which can be accomplished with Juvederm injections, collagen fillers or a really good make-up artist.Well whatever she has done more power to her for being truthful and looking good without overdoing it.

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