Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Christian Slater, too much Botox?

The 38 year-old actor, Christian Slater has now joined NBC’s new television Show, My Own Worst Enemy. Christian plays a suburban dad who learns who he really is, getting to know his alter ego which so happens to be a spy. As I was watching the premiere last night, I couldn’t help but notice Christian Slater’s forehead. Although he does have quite a large forehead/receding hairline, it’s hard not to notice his shiny and smooth forehead which has no wrinkles. I think he may have gone slightly overboard and is a victim of too much Botox! One article couldn’t help but question if Christian Slater had a face lift, Botox, or forehead implant. He doesn’t look like he’s had a forehead implant, but his appearance may simply be the result of having a receding hairline and getting older-- I highly doubt he’s had a face lift because his face doesn’t seem to be too tight and he doesn't need it.

ASAPS statistics show that the number of cosmetic procedures for men is up 17% since 2006, and I think it's becoming more common as societal acceptance increases for men to do so. Slater does not mind flaunting his Botoxed face, although there is no proof or any confirmation that he has had these treatments. I do however, think that he should think about going a little more conservatively if he gets future treatments in order give him less of a “fake” look. Anterior hairline hair transplants may also be in the cards for men who want to address a receding hairline that leads to the forehead appearing more and more prominent with age. Botox CosmeticR (Allergan, Irvine, CA) is a safe purified protein derivative of the Botulinum toxin that when done conservatively is intended to enhance someone’s appearance, not take away all expression and give the person a paralyzed look. Source:Site


  1. I immediately knew he had some type of work done. He looks odd, not himself. I think he looked better before he started messing around with mother nature.

  2. He obviously had some kind of lift... notice how arched his eyebrows are now... nothing like they were in his younger days.