Monday, October 6, 2008

Angelina Jolie - Most Requested Celebrity Features by Patients

The newest members of the Pitt-Jolie family are twin babies who were born in July. She gave birth to twins just 3 months ago and she looked great on the red carpet on Saturday for the New York City premiere of her new movie "Changeling." Where did all the baby weight go?
A recent poll conducted by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery revealed that, when asked which celebrity's features they most wanted, a majority of patients would like to resemble Angelina Jolie. No surprise there! She has many defining and beautiful features that are considered aesthetically appealing; including her curves, her voluminous lips and defined cheekbones. It is not uncommon in our office for patients to bring in photos from magazines and ask if their nose can be chiseled, or lips can be filled to look more like hers. (Rest assured, physical perfection is neither standard nor natural: look back at her early photos as a teen and ones from now and you can see she has likely undergone rhinoplasty to narrow and refine her nose).
In an article in My Park Magazine, Brad Pitt's abs were also mentioned as one of the most requested celebrity features by patients. While it is not unusual for patients to request to resemble certain features or body parts of celebrities, it is important to have realistic expectations when undergoing plastic surgery. No one is perfect - not even Angelina Jolie!

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  1. she might get plastic surgery of her body.becoz still she looking beautiful otherwise after gave birth of twins every mother get some oldness but in case of Angelina? She still looking gorgeous.