Sunday, September 7, 2008

Shannen Doherty Speaks out about Plastic Surgery Rumors

Shannen Doherty has recently spoken out that she hasn't had any plastic surgery done with the media scrutiny that has followed with her re-introduction on the new 90210 show.  In our opinion, these days Shannen doesn't look much older,  just a little different (hey, time marches on! ...what do you expect?).  One can see this in various photos taken at different angles and lighting at different points in time. This leads one to wonder if either 1) some photos have been retouched or possibly distorted (the Star Magazine cover), as we all know is possible with the photoshop techniques available on most computers today, or 2) she possibly could have undergone some non-permanent, minimally invasive procedures. For example, in some pics her crow's feet appear much more prominent than in other more recent ones even though her face is animating (smiling) the same. If you were to see this in any case or person, it could be attributed to Botox, which selectively and temporarily paralyzes the muscle called the orbicularis oculi that squeezes the eye shut and also causes those stubborn wrinkles emanating from the corner of the eye. Also, nonpermanent fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane that are made of hyaluronic acid could have possibly been injected to plump up her lips or nasolabial folds (laugh lines).   I have neither examined nor treated her, but based upon the publicized photos that everyone seems to be talking about,  I seriously doubt she has had any plastic surgery done. We don't really consider Botox or fillers "plastic surgery" in the sense of a true operation in the operating room with anesthesia-- these are minimally invasive injections involving a syringe filled with the product and a needle that registered nurses and doctors can deliver with proper training and certification (that being said-- pick your provider wisely!).  And of course we are not saying that she's had those done either. But, FYI--in Manhattan, some of these things are just as much a part of maintenance as teeth whitening, brow waxing, and hair highlights.

Some of the unique features of Shannen Doherty's face that make her memorable include the gap between her two central incisors (front teeth), and her facial asymmetry. Pretty much everyone's face is asymmetric when the right side is compared to the left; this is one of Shannon's most distinct, and in our opinion, attractive features. It makes her who she is. Photo source: E!Online

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  1. Shannon does look good for her age, but I've heard this before-her saying that she hasn't and will not go under the knife.I believe her, she looks O NaturAL.