Thursday, September 25, 2008

Heidi Klum au Natural?

Rumors have been going around that supermodel Heidi Klum, 35, has had breast augmentation. By the looks of these before and after pictures the rumors may be true. Before, Klum was a much smaller cup size-now she’s busting out of her bikini top. Since Heidi Klum has had children it is only natural for breasts to get bigger with breastfeeding and lactation. However, having children does not enlarge and lift your breasts naturally for a sustained period of time. In the past, Heidi Klum has not only denied having plastic surgery but has also vowed to never get it! She has stated that she’d rather look like a “dinosaur” than have plastic surgery. “I see that I’ve aged already. When I look at pictures now and when I see old pictures of me, of course I see I have aged. I don’t think I would have plastic surgery. I’ll be the only dinosaur in town, the only one that can actually move her forehead!” She blasted plastic surgery this past July by saying, “There’s something odd when you’re 35 or 40 and ironed to the max. You change with time, and it’s fine. Everywhere there are these stand-up cards saying, ‘Have a little silicone while you get your roots done.’ I want to be the opposite of that.” There has been no proof as to whether Klum has been under the knife, but certain pictures do show quite an increase in bust size. Make Me Heal has previously commented about Heidi Klum’s implants saying that they boosted her from a B-cup to a C-cup.

Photo source: Getty Images

Heidi was also rumored to have had a little lipo or mini-tuck to her abdomen, but I'll bet she just worked out a bunch after having children. At the age of 35 and after having those cute kids, I'd say Heidi Klum looks stunning for her age-but whether it's because of plastic surgery or not? decide.


  1. I think she had a litle something done. Her boobs are huge now and they're not the deflated huge that happens when you have kids so close in age. And that tummy, what can I say if I didn't love her so much I'd want to kill her. Either way she's fab and she should keep doin' what she's doin'

  2. Is She happy now?? well just kidding....but do you guys know that from where she got surgery?? yeah she got her surgery from Dallas plastic surgery in America.

  3. Yeah there fake good looking though but I don't think they'd go from flat to busty

  4. She's also had small cheek implants, a nose tweak and a bullhorn liplift.

  5. Heidi Klum is just a super woman - beautiful and successful. And even after so many years and their children. Hardly anyone knows that she does not just advertising for the famous perfume, but even offered its own perfume. Particularly ingenious is the series me by Heidi Klum smell - great and does not cost so much time.