Friday, September 5, 2008

Cindy McCain: Has this proclaimed supporter of plastic surgery gone under the knife herself?

Over the last year, but especially in the last week, Cindy McCain has had her face plastered all over television screens and newspaper stands. She looks great for her age; but could it possibly be 100% natural?

After working the the plastic surgery business and learning about our enemy called gravity, Cindy has done something to keep up her appearance, but who really knows she may have just been blessed with some good genes.
According to others seem to agree with me. "At 54, McCain is in the median age range of being a candidate for a face lift. A face lift is designed to tighten not only the sagging appearance of the face, but of the neck and jowls as well. McCain’s face is tight, the neck is remarkably taut, and her jaw is free of jowling. This may be explained by a mini-face lift, or it could just be that Cindy McCain is aging well. We are more inclined to think that McCain’s pulled look is at the very least the result of too many dermal injectables and potential laser treatments like Fraxel, Thermage, and Active Fx."
Whatever she is doing, has visually improved her image; who will ever really know, but if it makes her happy then I say keep it up! 

Oh and by the way, we are happy to see Ms. McCain has devoted time to helping kids with cleft lip and palate (see photo of nursesarah and Dr. Walden on a similar type of medical mission trip).  


  1. Yeah by the looks of it, it does seem like she has had a face lift in the past-her skin is a bit tight for her age, but she does look fantastic.