Tuesday, September 9, 2008


The stars have descended upon NYC as Fashion Week 2008 continues this week. Fashion Week would not be complete without its annual Fashion Rocks Concert celebrating the relationship between
music and fashion at Radio City Music Hall in New York held on Sept.05, 2008.

Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas was featured as one of the performers. According to Make Me Hea
l, Fergie is rumored to have undergone various procedures, although the "Glamorous Life" singer has denied ever going under the knife. She looks like she has had rhinoplasty, more specifically osteotomies of the nasal bones to narrow her nose, as well as tip refinement. In this procedure, the surgeon breaks the bones and reshapes the bones into the form desired. It also appears she has had a brow lift in which the surgeon makes several small incisions behind the hairline and often uses an endoscope to to reposition, alter, or remove the tissue and muscle beneath the skin. Her high and arched brows are a dead giveaway.

Another star who is no stranger to plastic surgery also present at the concert was Mariah Carey. Stars Plastic Surgery speculates that Mrs. Cannon has had submuscular breast augmentation therefore she has a natural slope. She has also been rumored to have a rhinoplasty, it looks like her surgeon may have refined and rotated her nose. Throughout the years she aged flawlessly, it may be due to health and fitness plans. She may have also had help from injections such as Botox to keep her forehead free of wrinkles and maybe even some Juvederm injections to fill in her nasolabial folds.

Although the stage may have exploded with silicone and injections, Fashion Rocks will be sure to bring together world-renowned performers known more for their talent than what they've been under the knife for. Sounds like fun!

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  1. Fergalicious definetely went under the knife! She looks completely different it's unbelievable! Her nose and eyebrows have definetely been touched.
    Mariah also looks like she's had a rhinoplasty and of course the implantss