Sunday, August 10, 2008

Plastic Surgery, The Celebrity

Welcome to this new blog about plastic surgery. In this world, cosmetic plastic surgery itself has become the celebrity. I am constantly bombarded with images, blogs, websites, TV shows, and radio talk about the subject. I am asked to comment by media on who has done what and when, what works and doesn't, and the latest trends in the industry. It's become crazy! When I went to medical school I had no idea what the future would behold.

On the other hand, my practice is largely made up of young and middle-aged women seeking surgical treatment of some problem or anatomic area of aesthetic concern that has been bothering them for some time. They are normal people. They come to me with legit concerns, and do not want to look overstretched, overstuffed and overdone; in fact, often they don't even want anyone to notice. So for my first post I thought it appropriate to bring to light a news story I saw today on The title was "'Ugly' is the New Beautiful".

The article said that one talent agency in New York City (where I live and practice) goes out of its way to look for unique models who are not considered traditionally beautiful. It said, "According to agency founder Simon Rogers, "beauty really does come in all shapes and sizes," and in the modeling industry, there's room for all. "We now represent a really candid cross-section of what America is," he said." So step aside, supermodels, because at this agency, "Ugly" looks for people who are from every walk of life!

As a plastic surgeon I agree with appreciating beauty (and "ugly") in all its forms. Although a lot of people would say plastic surgery makes everyone look a certain way, I would argue that it absolutely does not... and good plastic surgery ideally is designed and individualized based upon one person's anatomy and desires. Good cosmetic surgery may even go undetected. We'll see if celebrities seek that willingly (or unwillingly) as we go forward here.

So on that note, enjoy, and thanks for stopping by!

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