Saturday, August 23, 2008

How Michael Phelps Shaves off the last Millisecond

Congrats to Michael Phelps for his eight gold medals at the Beijing Olympics! He is such a fish; it has been so impressive just watching him fly past everyone else in the swimming pool.  He has such an incredibly fit and finely tuned body with his hardcore exercise and diet regimen to be discussed in his new book entitled, "Built to Succeed". His 12,000 calorie/ day diet is detailed in a recent Wall Street Journal article.  

He is the consummate athlete. But, wait....just one small comment.  If he were ever interested in shaving off another .001 seconds from that score, he should think about otoplasty.  Otoplasty, or ear pinning, involves resection of some of the cartilage of the bowl of the ear, pinning the ear back with sutures, and several other maneuvers to help downplay their prominence.  

Just a thought :)  Actually, in all reality, the swimcap holds the hair and ears pressed down to the scalp for swimmers. Phelps is flawless.


  1. haha very nice suggestion. He is a great athlete, likely that we will even see him in the next Olympic Games. And I must say WOW 12,000 cal/day diet-and he looks like that, he must have some great workout routine.

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