Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Has Paris Hilton had a breast augmentation or is this a new bra line?

More photos of Paris Hilton's increased bust got people talking at the opening of club Apple last week. (Source: X17 Online) But despite seemingly going from an A-Cup to a C-Cup, a Paris insider assures them that it's not the work of a good plastic surgeon, just an extremely effective push-up bra. A quote in the article says,

    "Paris has never had plastic surgery and has been wearing a prototype from her bra line she has been developing. At Apple she looked amazing and everyone was asking where they could get that Bra."
I agree, she probably has a great padded push-up bra (or perhaps a small submuscular breast enhancement that gives her a little "extra" in the right bikinis and low-cut shirts). In any case, its a great idea to market it as a new type of push-up bra! Paris is always reinventing herself in such an entrepreneurial fashion.


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  2. There is no doubt in my mind that Paris Hilton is flat! Either she really did get a breast augmentation or she is wearing a bra that doesn't only push-up but also has gel filled implants slid on the inside of them. Maybe it's her version of a water bra , just a guess.

  3. Had a boob job I think. They weren't that big in her sex tape.

  4. They weren't flat in her sex tape either. Either it's a bra or a job