Thursday, August 14, 2008

Has Ali Lohan had a Breast Augmentation?

Rumor has it that 14- year old Ali Lohan had a breast augmentation. That would be really weird, seeing as breast enhancement for cosmetic purposes is not recommended or approved by the FDA of the United States as well as plastic surgery specialty societies like ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgery) and ASAPS (American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) for girls under the age of 18. Hmmm, could it just be a regular growth spurt? Probably. She has such a cute figure, and I can't imagine a surgeon implanting a 14- year old girl, especially one of such notoriety and fame since he or she would automatically be scrutinized for that choice. (She looks like she has on a good padded push-up bra too in the picture on the right).

Of note, reputable plastic surgeons and the FDA do approve of using breast implants for the reconstruction of abnormal breasts in women of any age, including those under 18. Certain developmental deformities such as tuberous breast syndrome and severe congenital breast asymmetry give a good reason for breast implants in women of younger ages given the embarrassment and difficulty finding clothes that fit growing up. Photo credit of Us Weekly Magazine.

Good luck defending yourself among the paparazzi, Ali!


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  2. 14 years old? The girl has not even fully developed quite yet. I definitely agree, it must be a good push-up bra. Victoria's Secret can do wonders. I'd hope the parents of a girl this age wouldn't agree on such a surgery